Software Licensing Benefits

Thank you for your interest in WealthTec Suite. Since its initial release in January 2000, WealthTec Suite has undergone continuous evolution, making it the leading advanced planning and presentation system available to professional wealth advisors who serve ultrawealthy clients. Technical and functional enhancements are a way of life here, and WealthTec’s ongoing commitment to this application and you will continue to enhance your practice like nothing before.
After processing your order, WealthTec will send you the current download information. You will then be entitled to use the software in accordance with the applicable licensing agreement for an initial period of 12 months from the date of purchase. You will also be entitled to enhancements and other updates made generally available to the WealthTec Suite user base during that same period, along with product support via email or phone. Lastly, at the start of each subsequent 12-month period you will be offered the opportunity to renew your license for another year. Here is a link to the order form that you should complete and submit to WealthTec.

WealthTec Suite Pricing

Annual Licensing Fees

Up to Two Users
Three Users
Four Users
Five+ Users/Unit

Product Updates & Support

All WealthTec Suite planning tools and presentations are included in the standard edition of the product. Product updates, upgrades and support are available only to current WealthTec Suite licensees.