WealthTec as Strategic Back Office Partner

Professional advisors who serve primarily or exclusively high-net worth and ultrahigh-net worth clients will find WealthTec Suite to be the ideal planning solution. Such advisors need tools that can tackle the most complex planning situations. For many advisors, however, the need for high-end planning support may be limited to a select group of wealthy clients. It is for the latter group that WealthTec PlanXPRT was specifically developed.
WealthTec PlanXPRT is a back office planning solution that can help you achieve your practice goals while minimizing your firm’s investment in software. With the power of PlanXPRT behind you you’ll be able to satisfy the unique demands of even your most sophisticated clients.
Please contact us to discuss how WealthTec can best be utilized in serving your clients, but first spend a few minutes reviewing some of the sample reports below. You’ll get a good idea of some of the things we can do.
If you are interested in learning more about WealthTec PlanXPRT, please review this overview.

WealthTec Suite Licensing

Please keep in mind that licensing WealthTec Suite and utilization of WealthTec PlanXPRT services are not mutually exclusive. A hybrid approach that leverages the strengths of each may prove to be the optimal solution for your firm.